EDGE Seniors (Ages 14 & Above)

OUR SENIOR ATHLETES are young adults, oftentimes in high school or junior college. Because these young athletes are still growing, their muscle and bone structure enable our specialists to utilize a wider variety of training techniques. For example, a greater focus is placed on proper body positioning. Good lifting techniques are taught prior to their hitting the weight room, ensuring maximum health and benefit. The same philosophy holds true whether working with multisport athletes or specialized athletes, like throwers, swimmers and dancers.

Our certified professionals are adept at providing high school athletes guidance and training in a range of concentrations, including:

  • ACL Injury Prevention

  • Concussion Prevention & Management

  • Introduction to Weight Lifting

  • Nutrition

  • Mental Aspects of Sports & Decision-Making

  • On- and Off-Field Leadership

  • Periodization (Proper timing of training in relationship to sports/season/schedule)