The Mental EDGE

The Mental EdgeWHAT IF YOU COULD MEASURE your athlete’s mindset just like you do a ten yard dash? If you’re like most coaches and professionals who work with athletes, you’re facing increasing pressure to identify and develop athletic talent at all ages and levels of ability. While identifying physical talent is fairly simple, determining a player’s mental capacity to perform is not.

While traditional sports psychology focuses primarily in the areas of behavior and social concepts, Sports Axiology measures how an athlete actually thinks. This information gives great insight into how best to communicate with athletes and how to leverage their mental strengths and manage any area(s) of potential weakness.

The Ready To Play Profile™ measures ten specific mental attributes common to athletic success, including game intelligence, “team player” qualities, focus, self-motivation, self-discipline, mental toughness, coachability, self-confidence, self-awareness, and personal accountability. The “scores” in each of these attributes are used to help paint a picture of the athlete’s capacity for decision-making as it relates to that each attribute.

The Ready to Play Mental Profile™ is appropriate for athletes ages fourteen and above and has been used by high school athletes, college athletes, and professional athletes all over the world.

Each athlete who signs up for the profile receives a customized report outlining and “scoring” each of the ten mental attributes discussed above along with a workbook to help improve the athlete’s mindset. The report provides the name of the attribute, the score, and a clear description explaining what the score means and how it might relate to sports performance.