Sports Parenting Course

Sports Parenting CourseYOUR CHILD HAS A TRAINER, but do you? While every parent wants what’s best for their athletic child, today’ youth sports culture can have a negative impact on the family dynamic … or on parents themselves.

That’s why Jeremy Boone and Athlete By Design have developed the Parent Your Best™ Online Course. Through these lessons, parents are given the tools they need to influence the life of their athletic child.

In the Parent Your Best Online Course, author/speaker/consultant/coach Jeremy Boone goes beyond the traditional Sports Psychology approach to parenting and gives you a blueprint that shows you how you can be a key player in the successful of your child’s sport.

Through the Parent Your Best Online Course, parents will discover:

  • The top six hazards affecting sports-family relationships.
  • A confidence game plan for children and young adults.
  • The No. 1 mindset affecting your sports-family relationship.
  • A simple framework for parenting excellence.
  • The best tip for communicating with a young athlete after a game.

The online course consists of six individual modules, including a short video. It also includes supporting exercises designed to reinforce the key principles introduced in each module. Some of the exercises will focus solely on the individual parent while other exercises include critical conversations to have with your young athlete.

While there is not a formal time frame to complete the course, it is suggested that parents complete the course within a four week time period.

After you complete the last module, you will be asked to share your learning experience and evaluate the course. Finally, you will receive the official certificate of completion.

Sports clubs, booster clubs, schools, and other school sports organizations qualify for a discounted course. In fact, there is even an opportunity to customize the Certificate of Completion with your organization’s logo.

The fee for this course is just $39 (limited-time offer, through May 31, 2012).

Registration for the course is done via the Athlete By Design website.